First Day of College? Here’s How to Make Some Friends!

First Day of College? Here’s How to Make Some Friends!

First Day of College? Here’s How to Make Some Friends! - College is very exciting and yet very scary at the same time. You will meet hundreds of strangers in your new campus. Making new friends requires courage and effort. It can be a challenge especially for freshmen.
If you’re a freshman and in need of an advice to find new friends? Hi! Worry no more, because here are some ways to make friends in college.

1. Be yourself

There’s no other advice that works best than being yourself. Let your personality shine. Don’t be shy. There will be lots of people who shares interests with you if you let yourself out there.

2. Involve in a study group

Study groups can be a great thing for students to find friends. SIM University Singapore offers a learning group called the ‘Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL)’. It is a student-to-student support network that will assist student in studying effectively. Finding new friends is easy in this Top Business University Singapore.

3. Join extracurriculars

Whether it’s art, or sports, join an extracurricular activity is an effective way to meet new friends.

4. Don’t lock yourself in your dorm

Many people will find peace if they spend most of their time in their dorm room. But as oppose to find friends, you’ll end up being lonely and the only person you befriend is your roommate. Go outside, don’t lock yourself in. You might find many opportunities when you explore more.

5. Attend lots of school events

Even if you’re not interested in that event, participate anyway. You will meet lots of people and plus, you will have a great time and new friends. School events have a strong social aspect. So, attending it can be a great idea.

Those are the tips on finding new friends in college. Whether you’re an introvert, having enough friends can benefit you in the later life. Have fun!
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